Friday, March 23, 2012

Faith Out with Momma and Family

Faith, Momma, and all her siblings went to a church event with some friends.  I am home alone because I have been fighting bronchitis.  Faith has also been sick and may have an ear infection so she has some antibiotics to take.  We get tired of giving her the antibiotics because it kills the good bacteria in her digestive system, exactly what we don't want to do.  Jesi did pick up some acidophilous to help us get her bacteria built back up.  Even sick, Faith hasn't had any bleeding issues since we started the olive oil in her diet.  She had a bit of a rough night last night until she threw up all the food we gave her then suddenly she was happy and talking so we decided to back off of the food.  That is one of the biggest problems with having a child who can't tell you exactly how she is feeling...sometimes it takes us a bit to figure out that she just doesn't want any food.  Normally, you and I just don't eat if we don't feel well enough and our other children can tell us that their stomachs are upset.

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