Saturday, March 17, 2012

Faith Sleeping Away Today

Faith is sleeping in this morning.
This is how cute she is though when sleeping well.
Faith has really been feeling better recently.  Last night she started coughing again so she is probably fighting a little something.  Hopefully she will sleep it off.  Her bleeding issue has not come back yet so we continue to pray that her intestines continue to work more smoothly.  I need to capture her on video when she is hopped up on energy so you can see how funny she is.  For those who haven't seen a Bipap, I added the top picture so you can how Faith sleeps at night.

One of the other Trisomy 18 kids, Molly who we have met through the web, just had jaw distraction surgery and appears to be doing very well.  I am very interested to watch her progression because I think it can make such a difference in these children.

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