Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It is Here...

Well, Jesi took Faith in to see Doctor Green today for a check up on her jaw distraction.  He was happy with how she looked and said we were FINALLY done with distracting.  The distracters will stay on for the next 4 weeks so her jaw bone can solidify.  We spent the last few days watching closely as we distracted because we had to stop at the right point where her two upper front teeth lined up with her two lower front teeth.  Jesi left this to me and it wasn't all that easy, but I can proudly report Dr. Green didn't even need to make an adjustment to my work.  I'm thinking of retraining and switching professions. :)

We have talked to several different doctors about the bowed jaw bone, and so far all of them have said to wait and watch because children's bones seem to have a way of correcting these things on their own.  For now, we will wait and watch.  Once we got her chin back to the middle of her face the bowing doesn't look as bad as it previously did.  It isn't over yet, but now we are just waiting to get the metal whiskers off.

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