Monday, May 9, 2011

Finally...Distracting Nears Its End

Easter Day photo with the family out at the home of Jesi's mom.
Smiles simply don't get much better than this.
This picture is a little older so you can still see the jaw pushing to the left.
I think this is the best picture to see the flat right side and bowed left side.
After being chastised by Kristie for not posting in a while, I have decided to take some time and post some pictures along with an update.  I will do my best to keep this from being a boring post, like I don't have anything else to do. :) 

Faith is doing well, but we do have some problems that aren't going away soon except by God's grace.  Faith's left side jaw bone is bowed which you should be able to see in the pictures above.  If you look at the right side, you can see that it is flat and the left side is rounded.  We are finally getting her chin back to the middle of her face...hallelujah.  Her chin and lower teeth now extend beyond the upper teeth.  This is done purposefully because short jaws tend not to keep up with the growth rate so the idea is to let her face grow into her jaw.  We will see how things progress with the bowed jaw bone, but not sure we can do much about this for a while. 

With all the jaw struggles, this is still a huge blessing as Faith can breathe on her own without anything to assist her while sleeping.  I will get some video up to show how active she is.  Many people have been amazed at her increased energy level as are we.  Now if we can get this feeding issue worked out and those crazy brackets off her face, we will be entering a different world.  We have an appointment with the ENT tomorrow to see exactly where we are with the jaw.  We know she has at least another 3 weeks or so with the distracters so the jaw can heal.

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