Saturday, April 12, 2014

AMAZING TED VIDEO about medical innovation

Check out this amazing TED video about medical innovation. 
Dr. Glenn Green is Faith's ENT at Mott Children's Hospital. He did Faith's jaw distraction, and here is a before and after picture of her results from surgery which had a similar impact on her life as the boy in the video. 
This is why we need to fight to keep our American health system and remain the innovators. We can only do this if we LOVE and RESPECT life.  Our current nationalized health will only take us off this path of leading the world in medical advancement.  I don't say this out of hyperbole, rather experience.  When Faith was born, the first hospital told us that we would have to go before an ethics committee to ask for permission to have heart surgery for Faith.  Not only do these panels have the ability to withhold care, but they often don't let the patients / parents be involved. They also have secret ballot votes when deciding the fate of the patient.  I don't know about you, but I call this a DEATH PANEL.  We opted to change hospitals and not work with that hospital any longer.  We have friends who have a child like Faith and they went through this horrible process.  By fighting, they got surgery for their little girl which was successful.  Even after success, they were told "don't think that we will do this for other Trisomy 18 children."  This particular hospital was chosen by the Obama administration as a "model" hospital to help launch their nationlized health care.  

If we do not fight, we WILL see far more people dying.  We, personally, have watched 2 children die because hospitals with this philosophy deceived the parents to think there was no hope.  Right now, we have the ability to change hospitals and seek treatment, but if the Obama administration has its way, we will ALL be forced to use hospitals like the first "model" hospital where we faced the withholding of treatment. 

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