Thursday, December 29, 2011

Faith is having a Great Time...Day 3

Faith has been quite happy on this trip as you can see here with Gideon at the start of our Animal Kingdom visit.
Faith and the family get special attention wherever we go.
Faith and Hope got to be in the Lion King parade at the end of the show.
Hope got to smack hands with the character on stage...she thought that was so cool.
Faith was given special seats in the box for the Finding Nemo musical...she had a great view.
Animal Kingdom was quite fun for everyone...Faith did fall asleep on the safari ride.
We finished the day by park hopping to the Magic Kingdom.
It is amazing how great Disney is with Wish Kids.  We save lots of time by jumping to the front of all the lines...people don't mind once they know why.  We even get a special photo pass which allows us to take family photos with characters and throughout the park so we will have lots of great family photos with Mickey, Minny, Donald, and many more.  The time savings is amazing with the throngs of people...unbelievable the number of people here.  We would never come at this time of year normally, especially after seeing this.

Give Kids The World has been amazing as well.  We are enjoying their events and all the great food too!

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