Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 4 (Yesterday)....Universal Studios Islands of AdventureDr.

Faith is ready for her day at Islands of Adventure.
Dr. Doom joined us for a photo...Faith likes characters, and Dr. Doom talked to faith with made her enjoy him as well.
Captain America has been one of our favorite movies this year.
Beautiful place...we have been enjoying the settings of these theme parks.
Faith's wish trip from Rainbow Connection (lovely people)...the day started out a little rough at Universal Studios Islands of Adventures as it was filled to capacity when we arrived.  The filled part wasn't so much of a problem for us as they give us VIP passes, but our tickets were messed up so we had to go to guest services to get it corrected.  After an hour...yes, this lady gave us quite a hard time, but I will say she was the only one in the park like this.  Everyone else was incredibly friendly...hmmmm...even Dr. Doom.  The VIP pass was great because they set an attendance record, but we were able to get to the front of any line except for the bathrooms.  They actually escorted us to the front and put us right on the didn't feel like a record setting day because of this.

Today we are off to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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