Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blood Tranfusion and a little fun on Mackinac Island

Faith enjoys the view at Mackinaw Island, MI from our hotel room.
Mackinac Island allows no motorized vehicles on the island.
The Smith girls enjoy the beautiful day and view as Faith hangs onto the railing.
Somehow Daddy always gets a smile out of Faith
If this doesn't make your feel patriotic, you're not a patriot.
Momma gets to enjoy the evening without Faith, and a beautiful view from the Grand Hotel's porch.
This is the Mackinac Bridge to Michigan's Upper Peninsula on our walk back to our hotel.
Faith is hanging with Hope in the hotel room...get off the phone and play with me.
Eli with his Mackinac Island hat as we leave with Mackinac Island in the background.
Blood transfusion...did it catch your attention?  Well, it had nothing to do with our little trip to Mackinac Island, but yes, Faith had a blood transfusion last week.  She has been bleeding in her bowel movements and lost enough that she needed the transfusion.  In fact, tomorrow we are taking her in for a colonoscopy.  Not quite 3 and getting her first colonoscopy...well, here we go.  She is doing well, and the blood transfusion was like giving her an upper.  Doc thinks she might have polyps so we will see.  This should be a fairly short outpatient procedure.  We will let you know how it goes.

If you have never been to Mackinac Island (pronounced Mackinaw), this is one of the more beautiful places on earth.  it is situated at the northern part of Michigan at the mouth of Lake Huron where the water flows from Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.  The waters of Lake Huron are beautifully blue and clear as you get near shore.  The island allows horses and bikes with motorized vehicle use limited mostly to emergency vehicles.  If you ever get the chance, this is one place worth visiting.

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