Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy time

It has been very busy especially since we have been able to work around the house and go to events with Faith doing so much better.  Let's see...We have been working on our front yard and making incredible progress, but also having some fun.  On June 21st, we saw the Emancipation Proclamation in person after Jesi waited 6 hours in line with 7 children (they did get to run around the Henry Ford Museum while she actually waited in line wit Faith).  Jesi and I got to see Ann Coulter speak last Thursday 6-7p (free event) then we hurried home to take all the kids to a magic show by 7:30pm (tickets from Rainbow Connection).  We went to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert with the kids on Sunday night (tickets from my job).  Then Jesi took the kids to a picnic for the Rainbow Connection on Tuesday morning/afternoon (free event put on by Sterling Heights fire fighters).  Crazy schedule, but lots of fun for all.

When I get some time this weekend, I will try to get the before and after photos up for Faith.

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