Thursday, September 12, 2013


Now this is one determined little girl.

Faith putting that determination to work.
Faith continues to improve her walking skills; although, she had an eye appointment a few weeks ago and we found out that she probably has a had time seeing the big E on the eye chart.  We have ordered glasses for her and are very curious to see how it will impact her.  I am betting that her walking will improve because she will now be able to see where she is going.  Also, we think that she will interact with people even better than she does now.  Faith has been pretty healthy with not too many real sickness issues.  We have had a couple of small bleeding bouts, but have learned to manage this issue.  We still struggle with her GI issues and really need to try our own blending to see if it helps her.  Right now, we are just anxiously awaiting her glasses to arrive so we can see how she reacts.

Well 9/11 has come and gone, and for us, this date now has more meaning than remembering the twin towers.  The Medical Good Faith Act has gone into effect as law here in Michigan.  Residents in this state can now go to hospitals and request their policies on providing life saving treatments before they check into a hospital and find out later that the hospital won't help them, or worse and have a loved one die and never find out the hospital deceived them.  So now 9/11 to the Smith family has become a great day to remember along with the memory of the attack on our country.  If you learn of anyone in Michigan who is having a special needs child or even an older parent with medical issues, PLEASE make sure you let them know to check the hospitals for how they will treat their loved one before they find out too late.

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  1. Wow - look at Faith go! Determination - and beautiful hair! :) That is awesome about the medical act being in effect. Lord willing, every state will one day follow Michigan's example in that.