Monday, June 10, 2013

There's a Little Faith left in Lansing

The Faith in the Medical Good Faith Act...chilling in the shade of her seat.
Our little Michigan Trisomy 18 Convention or better known as Joey's 4th birthday party.
T18 children include Faith, Joey, Lila, Mylah, and Ameir.
Well, we had a pretty good weekend even though Momma didn't get to join Faith at Joey's 4th birthday party.  Jesi was sick and could not attend, but it was still fun to see most of our T18 family friends here in Michigan and meet a new friend, Joey Pagac.

Faith is headed to Lansing tomorrow afternoon to meet with Governor Rick Snyder.  She has decided to allow us to come with her as we travel to Lansing for the Medical Good Faith Act signing which will take place in the governor's office at the capitol building.  This will be amazing to see our bill signed into law.  It is exciting to have gotten unanimous votes by the House and Senate.  The crazy part is how fast it has happened.  This bill was introduced in February and here we are in early June seeing it signed into law.  We will continue to work with parents in other states who would like to see this legislation made law.

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  1. What a bunch of beautiful children! And that is just awesome about the Good Faith act going to be signed into law! Praise God! :)