Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer of heat

Messy, but good.
Here is a picture of a hot and sticky little Faith.  We had given her a little ring sucker which she had seemed to enjoy.  Faith had another follow up sleep study.  It did show that she is dipping at times during her sleep...not sure why, but we may be using the bipap again to see how she does.  The last few nights she has slept all the way through the night, but she does wake us up during the typical night.  We are still having gas issues, but she definitely handles the gas better than she used to.  She does spit up still, but will go through plenty of days when she doesn't spit up.  We really need to start trying our own food mixtures, but time hasn't really been easy to come by this summer. 

We went to see Tobymac, Peter Furler, Mandisa, and Jamie Grace last night.  Faith enjoyed it, but then fell asleep during the loudest part of it with her ear plugs in her ears.  She is really handling things so much better which has allowed us to travel and do things we would normally do...even bike rides with her in the toddler seat.  We still keep the feeding tube and a cup with us at all times to keep her vented and well, catch it if we don't.

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  1. Great picture! Haha! :) How disappointing about the sleep study. I was just starting the blendarized diet with Lilly but she got her cold and I stopped. Will try again. Know what you mean about time issues! Sounds like Faith is doing very well over all! We are continuing to pray for her.