Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Fun Day at Selfridge Air Show

Faith is excited to begin the day and ready for all of the action to come.
Beginning as the day should, here the Air Force Areal Team starts the day.
Here is one of the fabulous Air Force Areal Team members with the family...Faith can't believe it.
Will he make it from the plane onto the will have to wait and see...
Amazed and Stunned...Faith is speechless at the daring antics of this dare devil. and sound...our dare devil grabbed the helicopter and was set down safely.
How do they fly straight with all of the blood rushing to their heads in the FA-18 Super Hornet?
And it's even more amazing that they can aim their bombs so accurately at the same time.
Faith is completely amazed and in awe with the astounding ability of the FA-18 pilots.
Here Faith is so worn out from the action, but takes a minute to pose with the incredible FA-18 Super Hornet pilots.
Even the sky had a nice day and couldn't help but smile from all of the fun.
Our friends at Rainbow Connection made this day possible for us with free tickets to a VIP tent at the Selfridge Air Show in Mt. Clemens, MI.  The whole family had a blast, and it was thrilling to watch all of the action and experience the power of our military.  Faith continues to get stronger, but we still keep working on her feeding issues.  Check out the short video below of a high speed fly by of the FA-18 Super Hornet.  He was moving at near 1 mach and very close to the sound barrier.  Look closely and you can see the air around the plane has a white mist look because of amazing speed.


  1. That was very fun!!! Sadly the man who did the transfer from the airplane to the helicopter died Sunday after losing his grip and falling 200 feet to his death.

    Grace Smith