Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not Feeling Well, but What A Difference

Watching my brother Elijah wrestle at his camp.
Sitting with Momma at the wrestling match.
Still working to keep my mouth closed.
Faith has not been feeling well all week long.  She has thrown up quite a bit this week from some virus that her sister Hope has also had.  Now she is fighting off a bunch of mucus again which will cause her to throw up when she can't cough it all the way out.  Even with this sickness, she is doing well.  We were just talking about how this sickness would have taken her downhill fast a few months ago.  In fact, we would be in the PICU right now, but she is doing so well fighting this stuff off on her own.  We are very happy to have the suction machine in the house because we are using it, but the oxygen tanks were just taken out the other day.  I love getting rid of medical equipment.  We were continuing to add and add and add equipment, but now we are getting rid of it....Hallelujah!


  1. Oh yay!! The oxygen was taken out! Now that's something to celebrate. Poor Faith - I'm sorry she's sick - but that's wonderful she's handling it so well. HATE those viruses! I'm praying for her healing.

  2. Hi Smith family, Ms. Faith!!!! It is your dear friend/nurse from the PICU...Kristin! Just FINALLY getting caught up on your summer. (I know, it has been a busy busy summer for me too! ;) You look AMAZING!!!! Oh so beautiful. So happy that everything is going well...hopefully since this post/blog your sickness is gone and are back to enjoying your summer. You all amaze me and am so happy things are going so well. God bless and praying for your continued good health!

    Kristin (